Why are Promotional Campaigns so Effective?

Why are Promotional Campaigns so Effective?

There are platforms out there that purely focus on training retail store associates, and that’s great. But, that’s not what our solution focuses on. Where SellPro shines is that it isn’t just a one-hit wonder. We’ve done enough trial and error to figure out how to go beyond just training users, and instead focus on creating brand advocacy. We’ve found that the best way to supercharge engagement with users is by running campaigns.

What is a campaign?

This can have a variety of definitions but essentially, we want to give brands more ways to have impressions on store associates. Because we use a gamified approach, we believe we drive significantly higher engagement than a traditional LMS. What takes it to the next level is when a brand runs a campaign.

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The purpose of a campaign isn’t to send a training course to a sales associate which they take and forget about. We’re trying to build advocacy through multiple impressions, which are increased through campaigns. A user goes through multiple stages in a campaign, so every time they take a course or attend a virtual event it strengthens their awareness and instead of simply training that person, you are turning them into a passionate brand advocate. The advocacy is what actually drives sales - the training part is a vehicle that gets you there.

Why are awards important?

Simply put, having awards attached to training makes it more desirable to a store associate. The “what’s in it for me” approach is real. A campaign wouldn’t be successful without awards. You can have the best training materials out there, but without an incentive, store associates won’t even look at it. In SellPro campaigns, there are two main ways that associates can win awards – either you give everyone a guaranteed award for completing a campaign, or you add awards to the gamified part of the app which allows users to play to win.

If you have a large quantity of awards to give out, this will always be incredibly popular because more awards create more excitement. This is one of the measurements of success that our larger brands use to determine how effective a campaign has been. A huge budget isn’t required; you can give away anything from pens to stickers to socks and sales associates still go crazy for these types of awards, and they vanish within hours.

Building brand advocacy

The objective behind campaigns is that we want to give more ways to engage with store associates. You’ve just run a campaign with multiple touchpoints, now the associate is chatting with a customer asking about recommendations. Someone who has recently taken one of your courses remembers your brand and recommends it. Through multiple touchpoints what you’re actually doing is building a stronger relationship between the associate and your brand.

In the long run, this type of engagement is what drives more sales through brand advocacy and builds anticipation for the next campaign.

Logitech + SellPro

If you want to see this in action, see how Logitech did it in our case study.


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