Manage virtual and in-store events

Get record attendance at your webinars, in-store promotions, and training sessions.

In-store and Virtual Retail Events | SellPro

Multiple event types

SellPro Events supports just about any type of event you want.

Whether you’re in-store, or online, you’re in luck. SellPro supports the creation, promotion, and tracking of:

  • Webinars and live virtual training
  • In-store "lunch and learns”
  • Multi-store events
  • Public or invite-only experiences
Multiple event types
Manage events all in one place

Manage events all in one place

Forget multiple systems to find people, email reminders and manage analytics.

SellPro’s events manager allows you to handle the entire event process, from recruiting participants to tracking results.

  • Recruit and remind participants
  • Receive RSVPs
  • Manage attendance
  • Reward participants
  • Get feedback
  • View and analyze results

Create in-store experiences worth having

Customers come to stores to experience products. Make it worth it.

Create in-store events that have the most educated and passionate employees available to create a great impression about your store, brand, or product. Use SellPro’s integrated training, incentives and rewards, and market insight features to make sure your front-line staff look like rock stars to your guests.

Create in-store experiences worth having
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Let’s create a better experience together

Do you have an upcoming product launch, promotion, or seasonal refresh? SellPro can help you make sure the entire channel is prepared make the most of it.