Real-time reporting and analytics

See what’s working and what’s not by measuring training and engagement by content, region, store and more.

Real-time reporting and analytics

Rich dashboards

Big data doesn’t have to mean big complexity.

Use our cloud-based dashboard platform to see what’s happening with your training and engagement program at a glance. Drill-down to see what’s working and what’s not, to see whether the opportunity is to change content or motivate users.

  • Beautiful
  • Easy-to-use
  • Interactive
  • Drill-down drill-through
  • Export for further analysis
  • Customizable
Rich dashboards
Track engagement against sales

Track engagement vs. sales

After all, isn’t that the reason you’re doing this?

Many learning and development programs are measured by training hours or certifications. But the real reason to perform retail employee training is to increase customer satisfaction, improve employee retention, and ultimately, to increase sales.

With SellPro you can correlate your product training and knowledge retention against metrics like customer satisfaction and revenue. Robust analytics tools and dashboards make it easy to make the case for more resources or special content.

SellPro - Retail Employee Training and Engagement Platform

Visualize your retail training and engagement program

Ready to bring the vision of your retail training and engagement program’s success to life? We can help you start getting the results you want from your efforts.