Microlearning with a twist

Make mobile-first microlearning for retail front-liners more engaging and rewarding.

Microlearning with a twist

Easier and better mobile-first training

Don’t be limited to just slides or videos. Use your imagination.

SellPro’s micro-learning courses are mobile first, not mobile-optimized. That means you can create a different experience than you do through your LMS, without special skills or tools, and it will work great on ANY mobile device. Put together your content in any form you wish.

  • Custom interactive pages
  • Video
  • PDF
  • Web content
  • Memory modifiers
  • Forums
  • Chats
  • And more...
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Easier and better mobile-first training
Extend or replace your LMS

Extend or replace your LMS

Supplement your traditional courses with bite-sized snippets, reminders, or reinforcement.

Corporate LMSs are powerful, and often take a lot of work to create and publish a course. In retail, you may often need to add updates, changes or simply reinforce a message repeatedly.

SellPro can work with your LMS or on its own to create a full training program for your retail staff.

  • Easily reuse existing content, or create original content in a flash
  • Track and analyze course completions, certifications and more
  • Add gamification and rewards to make learning fun!

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SellPro - Retail Employee Training and Engagement Platform

Micro-learning made easy

Creating and deploying micro-learning doesn’t have to be a months-long process. When content is this easy to build, you can be more agile and timely with your store employee training.

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