SellPro's CEO Talks Lessons from 2020 at Retail Expert Panel

SellPro's CEO Talks Lessons from 2020 at Retail Expert Panel

2020 has been a challenging and disruptive year for the retail industry, driving major changes in supply chain, customer experience, and technology adoption, just to mention a few. Business and Tech has assembled a panel of retail experts, including SellPro's CEO Kristian Beloff and Shark Tank's Lori Greiner to share their lessons learned from 2020 and advise on the trends and impact of technology on the retail channel moving forward.

One of the subjects discussed is focused on employee training and engagement technology, and Kristian Beloff advises:

"… the most essential shift that needs to happen is for retailers to start looking at their employees as consumers of content, rather than as subjects to get trained. Consumers won’t engage if the wrong content is served the wrong way or via the wrong medium, and retail employees won’t either."

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And top retail experts agree that the need for store personnel to be properly trained isn't going away. Bob Phibbs, AKA The Retail Doctor, says smart retailers understand that stores are still the hub that everything comes from. He emphasizes that to get full value for merchandise, retailers "have to train employees how to sell it, and not just be friendly".

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