SellPro Launches Employee Engagement App for Retailers with Vendor Referral Program

SellPro Launches Employee Engagement App for Retailers with Vendor Referral Program

Woodland Hills, California, December 1, 2020 /BusinessWire/


-- Retailers can now take advantage of SellPro’s integrated training, engagement, gamification and communication features, while taking advantage of vendor referral incentives that can lower the platform cost to zero, or even turn employee training into a revenue center.

Retailers that sell a variety of products are stuck between building training content on behalf of their suppliers, requiring the vendors to comply with stringent corporate learning management system standards, or forcing their employees to use multiple LMSs to access product information about multiple brands.

SellPro’s CEO Kristian F. Beloff spoke about the challenges with existing retail learning management systems: “Demonstrating superior product knowledge and confidence enhances the retail consumer experience and makes in-store shopping worth the time. But building product knowledge requires training content from the store’s product manufacturers. Unfortunately, content creation for traditional retail learning management systems is time consuming and can require legacy tools like SCORM or other specific formats. It is also notoriously difficult to get retail associates to engage with them. We’ve solved both the content creation and the engagement problem that exists with legacy retail LMS, and now we’re giving the retailers a reason to switch to a modern learning and engagement platform that gets results.”

Starting today, when a retailer refers their OEM manufacturers and suppliers to participate in its training process through SellPro, the company can receive invoice credits, reducing the cost as much as 100%. Credits from multiple referred vendors can be combined and are not capped, so a retailer can get an enterprise-level L&D system containing all their vendor content in one place, with minimal effort on the retailer’s part, at a reduced cost, for free or even for profit.

How it works

Retailers invite their vendor brands and agencies to participate in the retail training process through SellPro. Vendors then create content such as interactive microlearning courses, reference tools, virtual training and other content in a simple online management system that takes only minutes to learn. Content is accessed by retail personnel via SellPro’s mobile apps available on iOS, Android, Windows and in-browser, while enjoying the incentives, gamification, and other engagement techniques that have made SellPro popular with brands like HP and Logitech.

Retailers can adopt the SellPro platform for their internal retail employee training use, or simply deploy it to supplement their current LMS for vendor training.

“It’s really a win/win for the retailer and the brands,” says Beloff. “Manufacturers can get their message in front of tens of thousands of retail employees in their own voice, with content in a format that works for their brand. And retailers can save time and money by having their brands collaborate in the training process. SellPro’s platform is the first that creates a symbiotic relationship between brands, retailers, and store associates.”



Learn more about SellPro for Retailers and our Vendor Referral Program here.



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