mLearning and ROI of Retail Store Associate Training

mLearning and ROI of Retail Store Associate Training

Some businesses may view retail sales training programs as a cost when it should be seen as an investment. mLearning, or consuming content for learning purposes via mobile, is an important driver of competitive advantage and brand advocacy in retail sales. mLearning may include content ranging from product knowledge, engagement and interpersonal skills, and customer service best practice, which when executed strategically, will result in helping retail sales associates sell more.

To figure out the ROI of a retail sales associate mLearning program, you need to be able to look at and compare data. We recommend comparing retail sales data in two ways:

  1. The month of training against the previous month

  2. The month of training against the same month of the previous year

How to determine the ROI of mLearning retail sales associate training

  1. Use an engaging online learning management system.

  2. Provide retail sales associates with frequent and consistent mLearning training. We recommend a minimum of 1 per week.

  3. Collect data from retail sales associate courses and quiz completions, engagement rates, and more.

  4. Drill the data. A good quality learning management system (LMS) will feature reporting tools that allow you to review the data according to time-frame, location, retailer, and more. 

  5. Export your reports. To compare training data against sales data, you can export the reports for relevant retailers and periods, making the data easier to compare.

By comparing how retail sales associates did in sales volume before and after implementing your training program or updating your training methodology, you can estimate which type of training yielded the best results for your brand. 

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Investing in retail sales associate mLearning for retail prosperity 

When mLearning is executed strategically, we’d bet the data would back retail sales associate mLearning as an excellent investment for the prosperity of your brand, rather than a cost that negatively affects the profit margin. By engaging sales associates consistently and frequently, they will have the knowledge and confidence needed to better sell your products. The constant exposure will only enable associates to become your best brand advocates, resulting in an undoubtedly positive ROI.

Retail is Reopening

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