Logitech Case Study - Brand Mindshare Lift During COVID-19

Logitech Case Study - Brand Mindshare Lift During COVID-19

Case Study Feature:

How CE manufacturer Logitech used SellPro as a virtual field force to drive brand advocacy, product knowledge, and sales at the store-level, outperforming pre-COVID-19 KPIs.

Fast Facts


Logitech, a Global Consumer Electronics Manufacturer
Highly Competitive Product Category

Use Case:

Demonstrating SellPro's capacity to execute as a virtual field force, driving brand awareness, product knowledge, mindshare, and sales at the store-level, even where physical access to stores is impossible. 


In March of 2020, the world of retail suddenly changed overnight. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers started heavily restricting access to their stores, while deploying curbside pickup and more online resources. As a result, most product brands found themselves "flying blind" with no field force access to service the retail channel and limited options to impact sales.

Fortunately, Logitech was already using SellPro when the pandemic hit. While its field force was grounded and its competitors were scrambling for solutions and information, Logitech rapidly pivoted to all-digital store coverage, practically overnight.

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Key Objectives

  • Engage, motivate, and train retail employees despite a lack of physical access to stores
  • Continue to build brand awareness and cultivate relationships at the store-level to drive sales
  • Provide resources and garner trust with retail employees to facilitate better customer experiences
  • Gauge effectiveness of training, participation, and brand loyalty 

Action Taken

Logitech shifted resources and budget to harness the SellPro platform fully and digitally serve the retail channel without skipping a beat. The following activities were either strategically deployed or substantially expanded from pre-COVID levels.

  • Create, promote and track virtual (webinar-style) live training events
    • Schedule 15-minute live virtual events executed by Logitech trainers multiple times per day and per week
    • Leverage SellPro's virtual events recruitment, RSVP and attendance management tools
    • Deploy real-time event analytics and store feedback forums to streamline future events
  • Increase the amount and velocity of micro-learning courses available from Logitech
  • Deploy new in-app product reference and sales tools
  • Deploy an overarching marketing campaign and rewards program to drive content engagement and virtual event attendance


Logitech Case Study - Brand Mindshare Lift During COVID-19

Results with SellPro

SellPro acted as Logitech’s virtual field force, improving brand advocacy, increasing product knowledge, and positively impacting recommendations to consumers during a very challenging time. As a direct result of the expanded all-digital engagement through SellPro, Logitech realized:  

  • 93% lift in Logitech's brand recommendation rate
  • 84% improvement in retail employee product knowledge  
  • 115% increase in unique users engaged with Logitech's content
  • 122% growth in users trained on Logitech's products and solutions

Due to the strategy's success, Logitech has decided to continue at the same expanded digital engagement level even after store restrictions are lifted and its field force redeploys.

Logitech Case Study - Brand Mindshare Lift During COVID-19

SellPro Provides

VIRTUAL LIVE EVENTS - To replace in-store one on one and group trainings

EVENT FOCUSED CONTENT - Short, single-subject sessions

INCENTIVES - Fun and rewarding content for retail employees

HIGH PARTICIPATION - High turnouts of a captive audience 

QUICK DEPLOYMENT- Short ramp-up time and low investment

Logitech Case Study - Brand Mindshare Lift During COVID-19



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