Create mobile microlearning to train retail employees quickly and easily.

SellPro’s micro-learning courses are mobile first, not mobile-optimized. That means you can create a different experience than you do through your LMS, without special skills or tools, and it will work great on ANY mobile device. Put together your content in any form you wish.

  • Custom interactive pages
  • Video
  • PDF
  • Web content
  • Memory modifiers
  • Forums
  • Chat
  • And more...

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How it works


Deploy your micro-learning courses in minutes instead of weeks


Your employees or channel associates are notified when a new module is available


Reps login to the SellPro app and access microlearning for any topic of your choice


Employees get push notifications and respond to new mobile content as often as you like



Employees earn points for completion and use them to play games, earn prizes and climb the Leaderboard


See the results of your training efforts in comprehensive dashboards and reporting modules


How YOU benefit

  • Keep your retail employees up to date on all the changing policies and procedures.
  • Works with BYOD or supplied mobile devices - phone or tablet. Desktop app is also available.
  • Increase knowledge retention and employee engagement.
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