The challenge facing retail today.

With changes in almost everything about retail, including reduced budgets, less people on the floor having to handle more channels and new tasks, it’s harder than ever to keep everyone up to date and on the same page.

Shift huddles, group training, shared devices to take e-learning, are all quickly becoming a thing of the past, because they are too slow and too inefficient.

So how do we solve this?

SellPro fuses micro-learning and gamification with rewards, communication tools, job aids and more in a modern app that retail personnel want to use every day.


Boost employee engagement by making it seamless, rewarding, and fun.

Genuinely engaged employees inspire others, delight customers, and stay in their job longer.

SellPro's behavior-based automation and visual cues prompt employees to complete short campaigns and tasks to earn recognition and points, which they use to play for rewards in SellPro’s gamification.

Employees also earn additional game plays through bonus streaks, which encourage them to engage with content on SellPro every day.

Grow competence and confidence.

Well-trained and confident retail employees create a better shopping experience and sell more items at a higher average selling price. They also drive higher revisit frequency.

As employees engage with your content on SellPro, they naturally learn, recall, and apply knowledge over time, which improves retention, raises their confidence, and drives better performance.


Make your employees feel supported and heard.

Deploy a suite of communications tools in the same intuitive app, empowering your employees to provide feedback, and to get support all right in the palm of their hand. Tools include:

  • Deep-linked push notifications
  • In-app feed
  • One-on-one chat
  • Topic-based forums
  • Virtual events

Drive cost savings and ROI.

Since SellPro works through a mobile app, is accessible on-the-go and built for use during down time while customers aren't available, you no longer need to pull employees off the store floor in order to get trained, which can result in drastic reduction of non-productive payroll hours and costs.

Additionally, your L&D team can create content quicker, with less resources, and deploy it faster. Administration and content management in SellPro are made easy through automation, actionable analytics and an intuitive online interface that takes only minutes to master.


Streamline product training by inviting your OEM vendors to participate.

Ensure your retail staff gets consistent training on all of the products and services you offer in one place. Get vendor credits and revenue share when you invite your OEM brands to participate and fund their product training directly.

What clients say about SellPro.

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Once we switched to SellPro and were training the audience in the way they preferred... we saw a much bigger brand reach than what we have had historically.      

Julie C. Harrison HP Consumer Market Sales

SellPro leads to retail sales associates having a simple, effective elevator pitch for customers.

Tony Price Roland Chief Sales Officer

The best cost per trained person we've seen. 

Justin Charboneau Otter Products Sr. Sales Training Specialist

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